About me

And here I am, I’m Luisa Basso and I am an Italian photographer. I decided to become a photographer mainly to tell stories with my travel companion, the camera. I deliver vivid memories of real life moments. I tell important moments like a birth of a new creature, the story of a couple, a family.


I like to experience these moments firsthand and capture with simplicity and spontaneity.

I deliver works in which the subject, whether it is a person, a couple or a family, recognizes itself as it really is, even if it concerns the photos in ten or thirty years.

Luisa Basso

I am a romantic person, always smiling and in search of news and ideas.
I try to see every aspect of life in a positive way, without having problems before I should.
I love details, colors and I love Love, the real and pure one and that upsets everything and everyone.

Simplicity and Elegance are the words that I feel mine, that best describe my way of seeing and apply myself to photography I take care of my photo shoots in detail using only natural light.

This allows me to tell the best of the most delicate, important and exciting moments in the life of a couple. My approach is as spontaneous and natural as possible this also to be able to establish a relationship with the couple that I have in front of to allow me to be the ideal person to accompany them on that day.

I believe that every couple has something to tell, and that the skill of a photographer is precisely to be able to listen, to slowly enter the sphere of their intimacy and try to tell their story through the photos in the most truthful way possible.

Born in 1993 in Padua.

Attracted by the world of photography, I took my first steps training at the ISFAV Institute of Photographic Arts in Padua and later through Masters in Milan.

During this time, I had the opportunity to join photo studios and professionals able to enlarge my passion so much that I decided to make it a job.



I have always been attracted to portraiture and reportage, also thanks to my work as a photojournalist for the Gazzettino. This led me to decide to devote myself completely to wedding photography, family portraits, motherhood and events. It all started by acting as an assistant to some photographers and being able to see how beautiful there is in capturing moments so important to the people, whether it be marriage, pregnancy, family moments or other events.

Family & wedding photographer in Padua, Treviso, Venice and throughout Italy

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