For couples I propose two types of photo session in Italy, the engagement and a couple session independent of the wedding.

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I have seen more than one couple being, on the wedding day, much looser with me especially during the getting ready of groom and bride, which is for me one of the most intimate moments of a couple before the ceremony.

You can decide to do the couple session even if you are not yet thinking about marriage, it is still about living moments together and being able to have images that represent you and a bit of your story, maybe in the place where you met, in a place dear to you, in your city or in the middle of nature.



I always recommend to take the time necessary to do it with calm and quiet, there are couples who decide to do it when they confirm me for the wedding then 1 year or 10 months before or one or two month before the wedding, in case the couple live abroad and you return little to Italy we can also organize in the week or the 10 days before the wedding.

Both sessions last about 50 minutes/an hour where we will try to remove the embarrassment and have fun living carefree, romantic but also playful moments.



Like any service I always try to deliver the final gallery as soon as possible. I always count a maximum of 10 working days. If for various reasons the session is done in the days before the morning, I deliver it the next day compared to when it is taken.

Don't worry, just dress up as you feel comfortable, the only thing I ask is to choose colors that match each other but don't worry, I'll send you "tips" to help you choose.

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