14 February 2019

Couple session in Arquà Petrarca

What’s the perfect day to share a sweet couple session with you?
Just Valentines Day, the day dedicated to love even if it is useless to say that Love manifests itself every day, always.
In fact, I photographed this couple session in Arquà Petrarca last summer.

Sara and Fabio are a young couple and they decided to have photographic memories of their history. Fabio is a volleyball player of the Italian championship received a proposal to play away from Padova, city of origin, so Sara decided to capture a few moments together in Arquà Petrarca because the distance could be less marked looking at them.

We have chosen together to spend some time into the nature along the path of Pianoro del Mottolone, in an afternoon last summer obviously waiting for the sunset light. At the beginning there was embarrassment but it took little to put them at ease and this allowed me to immortalize, in their couple session in Arquá Petrarca, smiles and sweet gestures.

In conclusion I thank Fabio and Sara for choosing me in an important moment of their lives and their love story.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all couples and remember that every day is Valentine’s Day if you are in love! ❤

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Location: Arquá Petrarca
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