12 February 2020

Couple session in Chicago


same sex couple session in Chicago

I am back on the blog with this couple service in Chicago.

The first time I visited Chicago I was struck by its beauty characterized by these skyscrapers that rise towards the sky and the green scenary that peeps here and there so that it is not the only cement to take over; then there are some spots from which you can see the whole skyline. During a trip to America in March 2019 I visited three cities, returning among others to “Windy City”, this time however I had the opportunity to knew Heather and Heather before my arrival to USA and I have the time to organize with them a couple session at Chicago.

Exactly you read well from the title, these two girls who have found each other and loved each other have the same name.
Randomness? Who knows.a

Heather & Heather

I therefore spent an intense afternoon with them walking through Chicago, talking, laughing and choosing together the “spots”, the corners of the city, for their couple session. As I looked through the viewfinder and saw what was going on between the two girls, I realized how much “partner in crime” Heather and Heather were, of how much the shyness of one and the audacity of the other compensate each other and make them a “perfect match” despite the initial embarrassment.During their couple session in Chicago we experienced unique moments, full of deep hugs, hands that spontaneously intertwined, palms facing the heart and at the same time funny moments in which we couldn’t stop laughing because one of the two always had the joke ready to put her partner at ease.

And now I leave you..

scroll through these photos and I hope you can live at least a little the emotions that I experienced too and I’m convinced that, by watching this couple session in Chicago, you will be able to recognize which of the two Heather was the shy one and which one was the most extrovert.