"A ton of Love"


About me?

I am romantic, always smiling and looking for something new.

“I want to live in the world a wonderful life and love, work for the friends we love and love what we work for.” Lev Tolstoy

Born in 1993. Attracted by the world of photography, I attended the Institute of Photography in Padua and then through Specialization Masters in Milan. I was lucky, at the beginning, to work with professionals able to improve my passion. I have always been attracted by portraits and reportage and this led me to get closer to wedding photography, family portraits and maternity photos.

I believe that every couple, every wedding and every family have something to tell, and the skill of a photographer is precisely to listen and capture their story through photos.

My dream for the future is to be able to tell stories throughout Italy, Europe and maybe even through the rest of the world without limits, because this is an inexhaustible passion.