Weddings in Lampedusa

Everything is possible for a wedding in Italy

You have to choose for your wedding in Italy a place that is important for you and not necessarily in the place where you were born or where you live.

Last year I had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding in Lampedusa, a Sicilian island, even if the couple was not Sicilian but live in Rimini.

And why did they choose to marry in Lampedusa?

Because it’s a place for their so important, a place where they go every year and where they had good times so why not organize an off-door wedding?

Lampedusa is a small paradise, an island in the Pelagie archipelago, characterized by a pristine landscape and a crystal clear sea. Organizing your wedding in Lampedusa is definitely not an easy thing and you must have everything under control, starting from the logistical aspect of guests arrival, to the accommodation and timeline of the wedding day.

Surely it can help to get help from a local wedding planner even in some aspect go the wedding if you don’t want to be helped to organize the whole wedding.

The best time to getting married in Lampedusa

One of the very first things to evaluate is the period in which to get married in Lampedusa, I lived and captured a wedding at the beginning of October and I believe that the beginning and end of the summer season is the optimal time to not suffer hot but live a wedding with a warm temperature. Surely another factor to evaluate well is the amount of tourists you can find. Being mainly a tourist island, in the period between June and August (also early September) there will be a lot of tourists and also the prices to organize a wedding will be different, starting from flights, to guest accommodations but above all it’s hard to move in peace.

Getting ready

You have to organise well the place to getting ready, there are many houses with a beautiful view and a beautiful panorama but also typical houses inside that is definitely a thing to evaluate more than the panorama. unless you decide to dress outdoors or on a beautiful terrace with a view. But in Lampedusa, everything can be done!

A very nice and quiet place where Mirko, his friends and witnesses getted ready was the Castle Residence, an all-brick structure and just outside the city centre. A very beautiful feature are the walls outside the various apartments that are very colorful and depict Lampedusa in all its beauty.

Religious or civil ceremony

As for the ceremony you can decide to celebrate your wedding with a religious rite but also with civil one. My married couple decided to celebrate their wedding with religious rite in the open-air shrine right next to the Santuario della Madonna di Porto Salvo, surrounded by greenery. You can also get married inside the same little church, characterized on the outside by two colors, white and blue. There is also a church in the centre of Lampedusa.

Let’s talk about the civil ceremony: you can choose to hold it under the shade of palm and trees but surely the most evocative location for a civil ceremony is undoubtedly the beach, whether it is sandy or rocky beach. If you decide to get married in Lampedusa by the sea, advise guests to stay comfortable or get them flip-flops, so they are comfortable, free of thoughts and able to enjoy the ceremony completely.

However, choosing this island every place is magical for the exchange of your promises, whether in the shade of trees, at the beach or at the sanctuary you are always enveloped by the scent of the sea and kissed by the Mistral wind.

It’s important also to consider a plan B in case the outdoor ceremony cannot be done due to the weather.

By the sea

After the ceremony you can consider moving immediately to the place of reception for dinner or you can consider stopping for an aperitif by the sea enjoying a beautiful sunset. There are some very nice bars and places that you can rate, such as Cala Croce or Cala Madonna, but I recommend, choose the place above all based on the sunlight and where it will set in the period when you will marry, at the end you and even the guests will definitely want to see a breathtaking sunset like the ones this island offers us.

This is how Mirko and Genny decided to offer an aperitif to guests with music in the background in a bar in Cala Madonna before moving to the place where a buffet, dinner and evening party took place.

Even as far as reception is concerned the choice can address on more options, I went to Cupola Bianca Resort which can accommodate so many guests in a very beautiful and particular property.


Getting married in Lampedusa obviously involves the search for vendors, that as far as flowers and setting is preferable to find someone from the area, who knows the place well also for travel and everything related to it, while with regard to the photographer, or the videomaker, I have been chosen from “outside Sicily” but this, apart from some additional cost of travel, isn’t a problem indeed, I think it is a stimulus for the person who will be the photographer, move at least a day before to arrive on the island, make surveys at the site of the ceremony and reception and evaluate the light. As for my experience, the wedding was on a Monday, I left and arrived in Lampedusa on Sunday morning and I got to settle down a bit, to meet with the couple the day before and see some places together. But above all it was important for me to evaluate well the light, the time and the place where the couple session would then take place.


Couple session in Lampedusa

And where do you think we used the opportunity to take couple session? Indeed family since little Francesco was also with us?

Obviously during the sunset light and while the guests enjoyed a nice aperitif, together with the newlyweds we took a short walk on the rocky beach until we had a nice warm sun behind them, which obviously set on the sea, and here everything became magic.

Choose your magic place

Always remember the decision of your wedding location has to be a free choice, find a place that you like and that for you means something, don’t get stuck already at the beginning thinking that it’s far from where you live or from the location of the ceremony, that maybe some guests will not come. Obviously there are evaluations to do but believe me that I have captured and lived so much wedding and when there is a dear place, a place that for the couple is magical, the atmosphere that is created throughout the day is indescribable.

Mirko and Genny who decided to get married in Lampedusa, gave their guests an unique experience, many of them stopped there for extra days doing a little vacation. It’s certainly challenging but not impossible and remember… that your wedding day must be unique.

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