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There are important moments in life that are great to be captured in order to see them again and rethink that day. I speak not only of wedding in Italy or couples but also of important moments experienced by a family.
Among the services I propose there are also the photo session of pregnancy and family that many times is the consequence of the other.

Family Session

There is no need for a special opportunity to choose this session, just the decision to take time to live with your children, all together, away from phones and distractions.

With this family session you will have candid moments, moments of freedom to live together. It’s about stopping time and being able to play together, live joking and tenderness moments to have living memories in the future.

Here are some useful information.


• When do this session?

I always recommend to do it between spring and autumn, which are the two seasons that allow you to stay outside without suffering hot or cold. These two season have wonderful colors and beautiful sunsets. We will try to organize it during the week on a late afternoon taking advantage of the sunset light if possible. Did we book the session and it's bad weather or did you get sick? We can postpone it without any problems, from this point of view I'm very flexible during the week. I recommend booking it a month in advance, so you can also get a quick delivery time.

• What's the price of this photo session?

The price of a family photo session starts from 200euros. You can add an album of up to 20 pages with the photos you like the most or you can add other prints or products that I thought for you.

• Where to shoot it?

I always propose to do it in the middle of the nature, you can do it in the garden of your home, in a park, in a villa or in other locations, at the end the important thing is to be happy and return all children playing with their children.

• How long does it last?

The photo session lasts about 50/60 minutes and in this time we will try together to create real life situations, game, a walk all together, a hug.

• Special things to bring with us?

I ask the family to focus only on clothing, to choose 1/2 colors to match all family members, but don't worry that as soon as you book the session I send a small guide with tips on the outfit for the family photo shoot.
In addition to the dress issue I ask parents to bring maybe a blanket to sit on the ground, games, a book or an object to which the children or the whole family is fond.
Yes, you can also bring dogs and cats, in the end they are also part of the family.

• How many photos are delivered and with what time?

I don't have a precise number of photos I deliver. Every family session is different, it has different situations and moments.
I try to deliver gallery as soon as possible and I keep a 10-day time window to send you an email with the link to the gallery in which to access and see photos of the service.

Pregnancy Session

Waiting for a child is also one of the most important moments in the life of a couple, of a mother. The session I propose is not a session posed with the classic portraits only of the mother but a photo session where even the presence of the future father is fundamental.

In the pregnancy services I photographed I have always experienced moments of infinite tenderness, silences, laughter and many but many details.



• When to do it?

I recommend to do it, save for unexpected or problems, between the eighth and the beginning of the ninth month as the belly is seen a lot and even little is missing the couple of future parents live very beautiful moments. There are session that I also shoot during the sixth or seventh month as the belly of the future mother was clearly visible.

• What's the price of this photo shoot?

The pregnancy session has a price that starts from 200 euros to this you can also add the family service guaranteeing a small discount on the two services purchased together. You can then add printed products.

• Where to do it?

This service also recommends doing so outside in a location that represents the couple of future parents or where they have experienced a particular moment. Many times the pregnancy session is then followed by a family photo session, which if it is done in the days after childbirth will be photographed at home to give the mother and her child the tranquility and serenity of the family environment.
Otherwise you can expect the baby/baby to be older. You have the choice.

• How long does it last?

A pregnancy session lasts from 40 to 60 minutes maximum, a little more if there are trips to be made or other child with you.

• Special things to bring?

In the case of a pregnancy session I ask future parents to bring ultrasounds in which the baby is recognized, and some objects to which they care. Some couples brought the first suit they took, a teddy bear, the letters that make up the name of the baby in arrivals or balloons.

• How many photos are delivered and with what time?

Even here I don't have a precise number of photos, normally they are a bit less than a family service and the delivery will always be done on online gallery in maximum 10 business days.

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