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Surely a moment that the couple will always carry on the heart and that will always remember with a bit of emotion is the wedding proposa in Italyl, which then led them to take the big step.
Is it the better opportunity to decide to surprise the future bride and capture this special moment?
This idea was born in America and in recent years has also arrived in Italy and slowly is spreading even among Italian couples the decision, by the future groom, to choose a photographer to have unique moments captured.


• How can I organise this surprise?

If you have difficulties and don't know where to start you can always ask for help to a wedding planner who also organizes wedding proposals. She can propose you various ideas or help you to realize what you have in mind. Or if you you can also organize all by yourself thinking about the place, then the photographer can help you to understand what time is better for the light depending on the month of the year, maybe turn to a florist for a bouquet of roses to hide and deliver after the proposal. There are many aspects to think and organize but nothing is impossible and being yourself in the end wins over everything.

• And where?

The most popular of the wedding proposal takes place in the city of Love, Venice, but there are proposals that can also be made during a walk in the mountains if it is an hobby of the couple, during another event or during a dinner. Let's say that those who want to propose themselves must have imagination in finding the ideal place. There are also guys who prefer to do it in a less crowded and more reserved place.

• What excuses can be used to make the surprise not understand?

Just tell her or give her a couple session and in the middle of it the fateful question will take place.

• How much this session last?

The session normally lasts one hour or two hours as you start perhaps with a normal couple session, then the proposal comes and you move on to an engagement session, or it can take place during a half-hour gondola ride in Venice and then when you go down you do another half-hour of couple photos.

• Delivery time?

I always send a preview a few hours after the session so that the couple can communicate it to families and friends maybe with some photos of that precise moment. Then the delivery of the gallery with the entire service takes place within 7 working days.

Proposta di matrimonio a Venezia

The times I photographed a marriage proposal, I was always moved, at the end of the day to see the surprise at the lucky one, the seconds of waiting before the answer and then the happiness of the couple is a beautiful thing.

So careful girls, if you get a photo session as a gift always dress well that you never know :)

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