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Wedding in Italy is the thing I love to tell the most through photography and I also believe that the choice of a photographer for your wedding in Italy is one of the most difficult, very subjective but also exciting.

For me every wedding is different and I will try to tell it with the simplicity and elegance that distinguishes me.

Every couple has is own story, of ideas and styles, of customization that make each wedding different from the others; I believe that the ability of a photographer is to grasp these details and to tell them throughout the wedding day.

The couple who choose me for their wedding must see in my works, in my photos my philosophy, elegance, simplicity and heart.

The couple must trust me, from the beginning to the end of my service, the relationship that is created is not only for the wedding day, but lasts much longer. From the first appointment, with advice, comparison and mutual respect.

The first call together

Even if you write to me by email, via the website or on social media the first thing I will do, in addition to asking you for more information, will be to organize a Skypecall and talk together.

For me is essential to establish a CONNECTION with the couple, already from the first call. The appointment with couples I think is fundamental to talk and compare. It allows me to understand the people in front of me, to find together the services that are best suited to them.

I’m here to give you advice, I like to be present throughout the preparation path that leads then to the wedding day.

Packages I offer

The photo sessions I propose for your wedding in Italy is divided into three main packages, Love, Forever Love and Endless Love in which you can then add other services that I offer.

I always try to meet the needs of the couple and for this reason the packages I propose are the basics from which to customize the service in the best way and according to the needs of the couple.

Extra services

I also propose extra services that you can add to the various packages. Among them a service that I highly recommend to couples is the engagement session before the wedding. It’s a time to spend together to know each other better and to break the embarrassment in front of the goal. These are very beautiful moments and the memory is unique. Many times the photos of this session are used by the couple for Save The Date or customized Guest Book or tableau de Mariage on your wedding day.

The wedding day

On the wedding day my assistant and I will be always with you but we will try to be "special guests", even in church you will not see us moving in front of you, climbing and descending on the altar. Our job is to tell your marriage in the simplest and truthful way possible.

The photographer will be with you most of the time, will be with you in intimate and delicate moments where there must be harmony and a relationship of trust, I will be there to give you serenity at all times, even in those where anxiety and tension you make you feel.

It’s not finished here..

In fact, it’s just started. After the wedding I will try, as soon as possible to give you a preview while you are traveling to immediately give you memories of the special day you have lived.

Subsequently it will take me some time to select and process your wedding images and the delivery of the files takes place on a special box that I think and customized for you almost every year.


I always recommend to everyone, whether photos of a wedding, an event, family or even your photos that you take with your phone to print them. There are no more vivid memories of photos that you can touch with your own hands. To feel the paper and see the photo printed on it for me is emotion; I’m excited when I open your products to control them and I smell the scent of ink and also see your eyes excited when you see your printed photos.

I propose different albums, single prints or magnifications and many other products that you can see and choose in the studio.


Thank you for being here and reading almost everything about my wedding photo service.

Whenever a couple decides to rely on me for their wedding, the excitement is always skyrocketing and I already imagine what it will be like that day, what I can accomplish and create for my couple. Most couples have no idea of the wedding day timeline from a photographer point of view but I'm here for help you. Surely every wedding is different but I will try to help you and understand when it is better to take time for your couple session, do not worry,shorter will be and less heavy and more fun will be! I like to shoot in the location chosen by the couple but I will also offer you a place that can create a different atmosphere, put you at ease and that is available to us for the time we will spend together. These simple things will make the photo session very spontaneous, natural and then there you will create extraordinary emotions.

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