4 February 2021

Rustic chic wedding in Vicenza

This rustic chic wedding in Vicenza happened a little by chance and thanks to some coincidences.

Matteo and Bianca are one of those couples who had to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic that has upset our lives; despite this they didn’t give up and moving the scheduled date by a month and a half, they managed to get married on 1 August 2020.

I told you about chance and coincidences because Bianca had initially contacted me for another data that unfortunately I hadn’t availability, but subsequently a continuation of the postponement mentioned above, she re-contacted me and being available this time we finally met via skypecall. She then told me about their dreamy day, how they continued to hope for it despite everything; thus began my journey alongside this extraordinary couple: an email, a video call, the good fortune of being free and a harmony established in a short time.Matteo and Bianca’s idea for their rustic chic wedding was to create a family and joyful atmosphere, which is why they chose to celebrate, after a religious ceremony, organizing the entire reception and party in a location that reminded them of “home”.

This was possible thanks to Matteo’s family distillery, a country house next to the company where they managed to create a wonderful rustic setting between the garden and courtyard.

The elegance of the couple, the simple choices regarding style, the flowers and the mise en place were the setting for a dinner in the dark under a sky of bright threads.The evening ended with the cutting of the cake, a first dance and a surprise for the bride!


rustic chic wedding

Catering & Flowers: Maggiordomus
Stationery: Alice – Tuttauntratto
Lights service: Palladio Eventi
Bride atelier: Cymbelline Paris – Agnetti Boutique
Groom atelier: Tagliatore – Agnetti Boutique