Weddings in Tuscany

Tuscany is the region of wedding, it’s perfect to be your wedding in Italy location, and for this reason it’s the most chosen region also by foreign couples who decide to get married and organise a destination wedding in Italy.

Tuscany offers breathtaking landscapes, classic or more rustic villas surrounded by cypress boulevards, castles, remote abbeys or even cities with an enviable artistic history such as Florence or beautiful villages.

When to get married in Tuscany?

Needless to say, Tuscany is always beautiful, in every season, with the gems and colors of spring, with driest landscapes in summer or the wonderful warm autumn colors. Again my advice is to think first of the style that you want to give to your wedding and then understand which is the best period for you and then consequently move to look for the ideal locations for the ceremony and/or reception.

Couple session in Tuscany

Before moving on to the tips on the locations and my experience of weddings in Tuscany I wanted to spend a few words on the Tuscan landscape, on its variety of possibilities. Whatever your style, or your choice of location don’t worry about where to take your couple photos because you really just have to look around and almost any place, corner, wall or landscape will be perfect to make you the backdrop to your moments.

Of course, always remember that you won’t shoot couple session at noon or 1 a.m. in the summer, but you’ll always wait for sunset or late afternoon light, much softer and gentler.

Getting married in the city center

I’ll tell you about Florence but I believe and I’ m almost sure it applies to all other cities.

If you decide to get married in Florence remember that, as well as in Venice and many other city, there will be tourists everywhere, at any time at any day all year round. The city offers lots of options for both the ceremony and the reception. Very beautiful for a religious ceremony are the Basilica di Santo Spirito, south of the historic center, a large church but at the same time simple. Another church a short walk from the center where you can organize your wedding in Tuscany is the Church of St. Frediano in Cestello. Surely finding a church in the city center allows you to walk through the streets of Florence, on the Ponte Vecchio, in the Uffizi and to have the first photos of a couple.

Civil ceremony

If you want to opt for a civil ceremony, Florence has Palazzo Vecchio and here there are three of its halls. The municipality then provides other venues for the civil ceremony such as the Rose Garden which boasts a wonderful view of Florence; Villa Vogel and the Bardini Museum.

If you want to organize your wedding in Tuscany and you just need a symbolic ceremony, here the problems are greatly reduced as all the villas give the opportunity to celebrate a symbolic ceremony outdoors maybe surrounded by nature.

I can’t fail to mention for a symbolic ceremony the beautiful Abbey of St. Galgano, the homeless church very close to Siena. If you don’t know her, go see some photos and you’ll definitely be tasked.

Tuscany countryside wedding photo

Location for reception in Florence

For a reception in Florence I recommend Villa La Vedetta where you can eat in a panoramic terrace overlooking the city, this villa also has a very nice little garden.

In Florence wonderful is the location Il Salviatino, a majestic villa that also gives you Florence view.

If you are a few guests and are thinking of an intimate wedding in the center of Florence you can inform yourself to organize the wedding at Torre Celeste.

Location in Maremma

When we think of the Maremma, the image of a landscape drawn from cypress boulevards appears on our eyes. In this area of Tuscany the locations are a lots and all beautiful, especially the convent of Monte Pozzali, The Borgo di Castelvecchio and the Borgo Casabianca.

Florence wedding photo

Other locations

Very beautiful near Grosseto is L’Andana Resort, where I shot a beautiful American elopement in Italy, you will find the article on my blog. Here surrounded by the silence and beauty of nature Molly and Rob celebrated their wedding and then we took their photo session around the beautiful resort.

The treasure of Val D’Orcia is definitely the Renaissance villa La Foce, here you will be enchanted by the garden that you will find and where you can organize your ceremony.

A very elegant and historic location is Villa Barberino; here you can carry out the whole ceremony, from the getting ready to the ceremony to finish with the reception and the party.

Tuscany also offers many castles as a location for the reception and a more princely style, among the most beautiful are the Castello di Vincigliata and the wonderful Castle of Segalari in Livorno. In the land of Chianti there is the Castle La Leccia.

Choosing a Tuscan town

If you prefer a more discreet location than a large tourist city, you can opt for a Tuscan little town. There are many villages in Tuscany and they are all beautiful on a visual and obviously photographic level. If you like small brick steps consider these villages as options for your wedding in Tuscany.

First of all Anghiari, Arezzo, which by the way is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, then other very beautiful villages are Sorano, Buonconvento and San Gusmé.

At the end

My advice, if you are getting married outside your region or in very big and challenging cities is to have clear ideas since the beginning and if possible to ask help to a wedding Planner, she will definitely be able to recommend and organize a wedding or even part of it and you will have fewer thoughts.

Always remember to choose vendors and locations where you feel yourself and represent yourself, ask advises to the vendors and at the end you will have your dreamy wedding in Tuscany.

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