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Based in Padua, Italy, since I started to be a wedding photographer, most couples decided to organize their wedding in Padua. And on this article I want to give you advice based on weddings in which I had the opportunity to be the photographer.

Padua is a very large city and offers a very wide choice of locations, based on different styles and personal tastes. The city centre mainly offers many churches to celebrate ceremony while the locations for a reception are less.

The religious ceremony in the center of Padua

The churches to consider, if you are thinking of getting married in Padua, in the city center, are many but, in my opinion, the two most beautiful are definitely the Chiesa degli Eremitani in Eremitani Square and St. Nicolò in the same name square.

The first, Eremitani church, as opposed to the second, is an imposing church, very large but at the same time, intimate and contained for the fact that the benches for the guests begin at more than half church. The thing I like the most are its brick walls, bare from frescoes or statues; I think this give an idea of simplicity and allow a married couple to make it unique in style for their wedding.

Definitely different is the church of St. Nicolò, much smaller and characteristic in the pizza on which it overlooks. Outside you have a lot of space since there are no nearby buildings and inside it’s very contained and “cuddle”. It is one of the oldest churches in Padua.

You should consider the number of guests if you decide to get married in Padua and celebrate the ceremony in the city centre. There are some churches that lend themselves particularly to weddings with a high number of guests such as Chiesa degli Eremitani, or even Santa Giustina in Prato della Valle, one of the most impressive and large churches in the city. I really like the inner courtyard that the couple can see and use to take some photos or also has a crypt for intimate ceremonies but here it also depends on the celebrant if he allows the possibility to use it.

Surely the biggest problem to consider and find a way to make it less heavy for the guests is parking, unfortunately the historic center of Padua is closed to traffic so consider whether to lean on some parking, or maybe make some passes households and suppliers

Religious ceremony outside the city centre of Padua

Each country has its own parish with its church and many countries have even more churches available so there is lots availability of choosing the church for your wedding in Padua.

I have seen many churches, some very beautiful, others maybe a little dark or smaller to celebrate a wedding. If you aren’t part of a parish and want to get married in another church, among all those in which I have taken a wedding I would advise you to evaluate these:

  • Duomo Vecchio in Monselice: it’s an enchanted place, to get there you have to walk along a street all in cobblestone and overlooking the city. Inside it is very beautiful and particular.
  • Luvigliano’s church: in the heart of the eugenics hills, small and cozy.
  • Church of San Michele at Pozzoveggiani: a small church with a small outdoor garden. If you enter you will be shocked by its simplicity and architecture. This church is only 5km from the centre of Padua.
  • Madonna Pellegrina’s church, this is another very big church near the center of Padua, inside it is very bright and neutral.

On a photographic level, don’t worry about whether a church is dark or not, many times when scouting a church most of the lights are off. Then I’ve never found particularly dark churches to be a problem. I work in 95% of the wedding day with natural light and I have never used flash or artificial light in church. I like that the environment is as it really is also in the photographs.

Civil ceremony in Padua

If you want to organise a civil ceremony the most suitable place, in the center of Padua, is definitely Palazzo Moroni, seat of the municipality of Padua, or why not even the famous Caffè Pedrocchi in which you can then continue with the reception.

Outside the city centre you can celebrate the civil or symbolic ceremony in many locations, to check if you can get married with civil rite that has value or with symbolic rite and then first you have to do a civil ceremony in common.

There are many locations that offer wonderful gardens where you can celebrate your wedding. You can organize a ceremony in the middle of the green with a view of the Colli Euganei or even take advantage of locations that offer solutions under very beautiful arcades.

In this case I always recommend to evaluate well and be sure to have a plan B.

Reception’s locations

Padua offers an incredible number of places for your reception. Getting married in Padua offers you the opportunity to choose between one of the classic Venetian Villas of the Brenta Riviera or other villas located in other areas, very well-maintained and elegant restaurants, the most rustic and simple locations up to a factory for a style more industrial.

Pranzo di nozze a Padova


For an elegant and refined style

Surely among the Venetian Villas in the Padua area you have to consider Villa Foscarini Rossi, Villa Cà Marcello, both very beautiful, with a beautiful garden, especially Villa Cà Marcello and the interior rooms very large and frescoed.

Another very beautiful location is Villa dei Vescovi, very exclusive and challenging at the organizational level for the large spaces both indoors and outdoors.

Villa Contarini is also available in Piazzola on Brenta, with a very classic style and a front garden and a very large park behind.

For a romantic and a bit rustic style

A villa that has captured my heart since the first time I saw it is Villa Petrobelli in Bertipaglia, a very beautiful and cared in every single detail. Nestled in the greenery I really like the brick environment that surrounds it and that is also present in the room where you have lunch or dinner.

This year I also got to discover another very contained and beautiful villa that is Villa Godi Piovene in Grumolo delle Abbadesse also here there’s the opportunity to celebrate your wedding, to have lunch outside or in the inner room.

As a last, I recommend Villa Rizzi Albarea, between Padua and Venice, born as a convent is the oldest villa on the Brenta Riviera. It is surrounded by a very nice garden and a very nice room and with a very warm atmosphere for the reception.

For a more rustic style

Definitely not from the classic style but a little more rustic is Villa Papafava Frassanelle located in the Colli euganei, in Rovolon, it offers immense spaces and different areas that you can take advantage of, from a wonderful staircase surrounded by greenery where you can celebrate the ceremony, to a wide porch where you can set up an imperial table or even round tables, even the inner courtyard is very beautiful surrounded by lemon vases. It also has a very large indoor room for a plan B or for autumn/winter weddings where arranging out a lunch or dinner is risky.

Similar to Frassanelle as a style, even if more contained are Le Risare, where I took many weddings and each wedding was organized differently. The spaces here are many for both the ceremony and the reception. I also really like the interior room with neutral walls and wooden beams.

For a princely style

If you are getting married in Padua and would like to live the dream of being a princess, you can opt for two very beautiful castles. The first is the Catajo Castle, a very impressive and challenging location for the immense spaces available and just as beautiful is the Castle of San Pelagio although I haven’t got to go there yet, but I’ve seen some weddings organized there and it’s definitely a locations to be evaluated.

Restaurants on Colli Euganei

I would recommend two restaurants on Colli Euganei where I have been. The first thing to consider is your guests number and it’s the Cenacolo degli Euganei, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and you can enjoy a very beautiful sunset.

The second restaurant is Sengiari, located in Teolo, it also offers a beautiful panorama and a very elegant and refined white wood structure for the reception.


All these locations that I have recommended at the photographic level offer a lot both as environments and also for couple session. There are many corners that you can use as background, in other locations you have beautiful views, walls and walls to use as a background and in almost all locations, the sunset light falls perfect to immortalize your moments.

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