Weddings in Treviso

In the hills of wine or in the city, Treviso really offers many possibilities to organise your wedding in Italy.

It’s a city with very beautiful and characteristic villages, with wonderful views and in some locations you feel like you are in Tuscany, surrounded by tree-lined avenues

In the last two years I have photographed many weddings in Treviso and around and I write here some advice on the locations where I have been and I have had a very good time, on some suggestive places to consider.

Why do I recommend these locations?

The locations that I recommend and talk about below are all places where I felt good, other places where maybe I haven’t been but yet but I’ve heard very well from colleagues and vendors of the wedding sector.

There are locations that definitely have a strong photographic impact, all very beautiful locations, immersed in greenery or in more industrial or intimate contexts but give the opportunity to take here also your photos during the photo session that we will live together. This will of course make you feel more calm by not moving to find and take photos to another place and you will have much more time to be with the guests and we may decide to take the window of time we need at the best time based on the light.

Servizio di matrimonio a Treviso

Location in Treviso

One of the most beautiful locations in Treviso for a super cute wedding in Italy for me is the Locanda Rosa Rosae, an old mill restored in country chic style. It will seem to enter in a romantic and delicate world, a place cared for in details. You will find a locanda full of candles and lanterns and you’ ll be surrounded by fresh flower pots.

There are also very nice rooms where you can consider getting ready and even celebrating your ceremony outside. It's suitable for intimate weddings precisely because of the atmosphere that is created and also for the not very big place.

Another very beautiful location and surrounded by greenery and history is the Abbey of Santa Maria di Pero in Monastier in Treviso, here you will have a wonderful cloister in which you can have lunch or dinner and also offers very nice options inside for a floor B, lunch and evening party.

A very beautiful villa is Villa Caprera, I shot here weddings in spring, summer and winter and in each season has its charm offering couples many spaces to divide and organize the wedding. There are lot of greenery, the garden behind in spring and summer is really very nice while in winter the colors are fantastic and the greenhouse, maybe set up with lights and candles creates a magical atmosphere. The villa offers the experience of Santi catering who will surely help you choose whether to organize lunch or dinner in the tensostructure or attic. My favorite place in this location? Undoubtedly the greenhouse where I took some wonderful evening parties

Foto di matrimonio a Treviso

Industrial style

Filanda Motta, this is the location for you if you want to give at your wedding in Italy an industrial and architectural style. Here you will find brick walls everywhere and a wonderful and very large room full of stained glass windows.

Elegant but not classic style

I saw this location in December for a winter wedding and in which the newlyweds created a Christmas atmosphere was Casa Gobbato. Surrounded by greenery you will be greeted by a house and by a very beautiful “serra” and with an industrial style where in the same space you can have lunch/dinner and then let loose in the evening party.

Now that I think about it here I also took as an assistant a wedding with a beautiful civil ceremony on the green space with a wonderful view of the Treviso landscape.

Between Vittorio Veneto and Conegliano you will find Villa Lucheschi in Colle Umberto, nestled in the hills of prosecco and characterized by a tree-lined avenue that seems to be in a Tuscan landscape.

Here the greenery is not lacking and also the interior of the villa is very nice.

Churches for religious ceremonies

Even in Treviso as in Padua, there are many churches and I quote the ones I have been in.

A very large and imposing cathedral is the Cathedral in Castelfranco and after the ceremony you can consider taking some photos between the streets of the old town before moving to the location of the reception.

Asolo is a very cute little village in the province of Treviso that offers wonderful photographic spots and after the ceremony in the Church in Asolo you can think of stopping for a few shots in this village.

A church quite large and with a large space outside is the Chiesa of Santa Maria in the hill in Montebelluna.

Finally, I recommend the small red church of San Zenone of the Ezzelini that stands on a hill and you will be surrounded by a beautiful panorama.

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