Weddings in the Venetian Villas

The Venetian villas are the most popular location chosen by couples to organize their wedding in Italy. These villas were born as country houses then with the passage of time families who lived there decorated them to make them more luxurious even with frescoed rooms.

Around these Venetian villas in almost all there are large green spaces, barchesse, porches and are, also for this reason, popular locations also for the fact of being versatile and offering various and wide spaces where to organize and divide their wedding. You can then, alone or with the help of a Wedding planner, decide how and where to set the ceremony if celebrated in the villa, the aperitif, the reception and the party to finish in beauty.

The Venetian villas style

We find villas with completely different styles, in fact even in this case it's good to start with clear ideas about your wedding; there are truly majestic and luxurious villas, with frescoed rooms, which are perhaps better suited to a formal wedding, elegant and with lot of guests. On the other side there are more rural and simple villas, with brick walls and wooden beams for a rustic, intimate and more convivial wedding.

The architecture of the Venetian villas also changes a lot and you have to think especially if and how to organize the part of the lighting; of course majestic villas need a certain type and amount of lighting compared to a Venetian villa more intimate and restrained.

There are many factors that you have to evaluate to choose the Venetian villa that best suits your wedding, think about the season, your style and also how you are as people, the location must always represent you.

Plan A and plan B

I have captured so many weddings in Venetian villas and everyone had different styles, in all the villas you can safely organize your wedding with civil or symbolic ceremony, most often this is done in the middle of a garden, under the shade of majestic trees , maybe with the villa as background. Obviously you must have a plan B for the ceremony.

The couple who decided to marry in a Venetian villa can also decide to organize lunch not indoor but perhaps along a tree-lined avenue or in barchesse or under open porches. Again, you evaluate very well and be 100% sure that you have a plan B that convinces you and satisfies your needs.

Of course, if you choose to get married in July in the morning in a Venetian villa I strongly advise you to have lunch outside or even to celebrate the ceremony outside, consider in this case to organize the ceremony for the late afternoon so that the day is relatively cooler, or change season 🙂

Photo of a wedding in a Venetian villa

Venetian villas in Treviso

Between Treviso and Venice, precisely in Mogliano Veneto we find Villa Marignana Benetton, where art and nature come together with an immense park with centuries-old trees, it’s also possible, thanks to the presence of a consecrated chapel to celebrate your wedding Religious.

Nestled in the Treviso countryside we find Villa Pera, a rural and inconspicuous villa; here you can also get married civilly and available for the reception there are neutral and super elegant interior rooms and even boats.

Another Palladian villa in Treviso, precisely in Vedelago, is Villa Emo, which offers many spaces to organize weddings always versatile and different. There is an ancient borgo, a large garden and interior rooms that are also very beautiful.

Villa Caprera is also very beautiful in Treviso, which with its garden and its greenhouse will conquer you.

Venetian villas in Padua

As for the area of Padua and the weddings in the Venetian villas I mention only two wonderful Venetian villas that I can not mention.

The first is a Palladian villa, Villa Ca Marcello, one of the most exclusive villas and that will welcome you with a wonderful garden, in which also organize a civil wedding, and very elegant and romantic interior rooms.

Another very beautiful Venetian villa in the province of Padua, precisely in Vescovana, is Villa Pisani Bolognesei Scalabrin, also with a very beautiful and cared for garden where you can celebrate a wedding with civil ceremony and a wonderful boat that is perfect for set up an imperial table.

In both of these Venetian villas my advice if possible is to organize the whole wedding there, from the ceremony to the evening party, and if you can also prepare in the rooms of these villas you will have truly lived a dream.

Venetian villas in Venice

In the province of Venice we find several Venetian villas in which to organize your wedding in Italy especially in the Brenta Riviera where we find Villa Foscarini Rossi, a neoclassical environment with a beautiful portico and a wonderful interior room and completely frescoed, there’s also a cellar and an attic to organize perhaps the evening party. It also has a large garden both in front and in the back of the villa. Certainly the style is classic but you can also create more sophisticated but still elegant styles.

Also in the Brenta Riviera we find Villa Valier, a more contained and very romantic villa, with a large garden and a boulevard tree-lined wonder where to organize maybe the civil ceremony. Very nice is also the porch where you can instead have dinner. In this villa very beautiful villa are also the rooms inside, where a married couple decided to getting ready there and be calm and quiet.

In the province of Venice and with a more rural style with brick walls and wooden beams we find Villa Correr Agazzi, here you will find yourself surrounded by greenery and both with boats and with indoor rooms available.

To finish in the Venice area, always along the Brenta Riviera, I mention Villa Barchessa Valmarana very elegant and with a beautiful room that welcomes a small number of guests or a very large porch where instead there are no limits of invited, very beautiful is also the park and the back of the villa where in the garden there can be beautiful rose gardens and special trees and also very large.

Venetian villas in Vicenza

In Vicenza for your wedding you will find many Palladian villas, first of all Villa Godi Malinverni in Lugo di Vicenza. Here you’ll find in front of you a very large villa, with a large garden, a beautiful staircase that leads into the frescoed interior rooms. If you choose this villa keep in mind that you will not be having lunch or dinner with all the guests but divided into different rooms all however beautiful.

Nestled in a centuries-old park in Vicenza we also find Villa Traverso Predina characterized by a barchessa that can accommodate up to 450 guests and a park immersed in a mild and cool climate of the beric hills.

A beautiful villa of the 18th-year-old to get married in Vicenza is Villa Valamrana ai Nani where you can also celebrate the ceremony with civil value and not only symbolic. The villa is characterized by a well-maintained Italian garden and frescoed interior rooms. One point in favor of this villa are definitely its terraces.

In Grumulo delle Abadesse we find instead a more rural villa, Villa Godi Piovene, here the green is not lacking to be the background to the photo session and also to organize an aperitif or buffet, very beautiful is the brick boat where you can have lunch in the months not too much or think of using it for the evening party.

Venetian villas in Verona

I haven’t done many weddings in Verona, I’m honest but I still want to include some very nice Venetian villas like Villa Vendri, located just outside the center of Verona. Here you will find in front of a majestic portico and two staircases that will take you to a wonderful interior room.

Another historic villa in Verona is Villa Mattarana, which offers the opportunity to organize the reception in one of the interior rooms or even to take advantage of a beautiful barchessa with wonderful windows.

The last two Venetian villas in Verona that I recommend to consider as possible locations are Villa Pellegrini Cipolla and Villa Arrighi.

Venetian villa is always a perfect idea

Choosing to get married in a Venetian villa, whether classic, elegant or more rustic do not go wrong. They are villas that really offer many ideas to make your wedding unique in Veneto. Always surrounded by greenery you will not have any problems even for the couple session, you will enjoy beautiful sunsets in the midst of centuries-old trees, you will always have at your disposal of very valid B plans.

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