wedding at Villa Petrobelli

The wedding at Villa Petrobelli of Alessandra and Jacopo took place on a day in late August and everything was wonderful.

Alessandra got ready at Villa Petrobelli in a completely intimate atmosphere. In fact, the two best friends were present, as well as witnesses and Alessandra’s brother, whose bond is very deep. Even the groom, Jacopo, chose to prepare with his mother and two witnesses in the place where he lives every day together with Alessandra and their little Greta!

The ceremony was very beautiful and moving, between speeches and thanks and the faiths brought by Greta, the fruit and union of their love.

Couple session and reception

After the ceremony, with Jacopo and Alessandra we lived the first moments of their couple session. We were completely immersed in the vineyards and in the nature, and as soon as we arrived at the location to continue celebrating their wedding in location, we also took wonderful photos with the beautiful Greta, who together with mom and dad played, laughed and starred .

All the wedding at Villa Petrobelli has been studied in detail, from the stationary to the table setting; all thought by the couple and made by Alice in memory of a very dear place for Alessandra and Jacopo.

This fantastic day ended with an evening outdoor party, with music and dancing that involved all the guests.

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