8 January 2019

Wedding in Venice – Villa Valmarana

The wedding in Venice at Villa Valmarana of Alessandra and Nicola, remained in my heart.

I still remember the first time I met the couple and their commotion as they watched my initial slideshow. It was at that moment that they decided to confirm me as their photographer.
They told me about the happy moments and the saddest moments lived together and above all the desire to promise each others eternal love. So I was able to establish an excellent relationship, thanks also to the engagement service taken in Venice.

An extremely original choice to getting ready at their respective grandmothers’ house, places full of affection for the time spent there in youth.
I lived by their side a perfect day, Alessandra and Nicola took care of every single detail starting from the wedding location in Villa Valmarana, along the Riviera del Brenta.
This Venetian villa with its spring colors and scents combined with a very hot sunset have been able to make everything unforgettable. As a demonstration of what I write here, I remember very well the emotion of the guests whenever the hands of the couple were intertwined, their eyes betrayed a tear of joy, or their lips approached generating applause among their friends.

I have to thank, Alessandra and Nicola for the first time, for the emotions I had the privilege of enjoying. I have to thank them for the satisfaction I received on the day you decided to go to the studio to collect the box with the printed pictures.
For me there is no more joyous moment to see the newlyweds moving in front of the precious memories that are passed into their hands.

Thanks guys, and I’m sure this new life together will give you a lot of joy ♥

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