Winter Wedding at Villa Caprera

From the first meeting in the studio Elena told me about her winter wedding at Villa Caprera with her eyes full of emotions to be outwarded. And I have to say, all of this has come to an end.

Many think that off-season weddings, especially in the winter months, taste different or something less. It is absolutely not true and indeed, nothing to take away from weddings in high season, they have something really special. You can live a different atmosphere, perhaps as in the winter wedding at Villa Caprera where a beautiful Christmas tree was already set up and where gold, greenery and burgundy were the setting for the set-ups.

Elena and Mario live in Milan and I had only been able to meet in person Elena but immediately, as soon as we sat in the studio in front of a café, and we started to talk about her marriage, a harmony and a kind of trust was immediately established from that moment.

On their wedding day, of course, I also met Mario, a very shy person, with whom I was able to “break the ice” and have fun together. Yes, because the winter wedding at Villa Caprera of Mario and Elena was pure fun and of course we also experienced very strong emotions.

Fun and Love

We had a lot of fun during the couple session, after a few glasses of wine everyone is looser and I have to be honest.. we never stopped laughing together, even occasionally we had to stop to catch our breath and continue to live beautiful moments that I still have alive inside me.

That day was wonderful, a cool December Saturday but at the same time warm with the sun that stayed with us until sunset. The location, Villa Caprera, is very beautiful even in winter and offers a lot of ideas and spots. Guests also enjoyed the garden of the villa during the afternoon, everything was thought of by Elena and Mario and even the set-ups were simple but with character and you can see them scrolling through the photos.

Then we ended with one of the most beautiful evening parties, all the guests and I say everyone danced, having fun, having a drink and fully enjoying the party without any thoughts.

What else can I say?

I can only thank Elena and Mario with all my heart for giving me total trust from the beginning, I thank them for being part of the 2019 wedding season and above all for having closed it with their winter wedding at Villa Caprera surprisingly Magic.

I thank them for the EMOTIONS, SMILES always on the lips, the laughters and especially for the most beautiful words I have ever received as a thank you. Every now and then I read their review and I realize how important it’s, more than anything, to connect with the couple in front of you. I realize how much magic I can give couples by telling their day and capturing them in their essence! They have called me “a special travel companion” and I hope with all my heart that I can be with them at other times important to them and surely they will have a special place in my heart!

They wrote about me

The best caretaker for memories of a wonderful day!

Scrolling on Luisa’s social media, she often reads how she is surprised that couples don’t even wait to receive the preview to make positive reviews of her work. Dear Luisa, don’t be surprised because you deserve all the gratitude of the people you are with on their most beautiful day! Ever since you entered my house on the morning of the wedding I had the feeling that you would be a special travel companion and throughout the day this feeling was confirmed at all times.

Seeing you moved to our evening greeting really confirmed to me that “two souls never meet by accident”! Thank you for your smile and your delicacy, you knew how to be present on tiptoe and above all you caught the essence of us two! Now we look forward to seeing the fruits of your and Jessica’s work, which we thank equally for being always helpful and attentive to all our requests. It is wonderful to see two young girls make a passion an excellent job and really become the guardians of memories that would otherwise only remain imprinted in our hearts!

Thank you very much! Elena e Mario


Location: Villa Caprera

Florist: Botanik

Atelier Bride: Fausto Sari

Make-up: Marta Scoizzato Make Up

Stationary: We Love Wedding Stationary

Catering: Santi

Cake Topper: Le Bianche Margherite

Music & Dj: Djs 4 Party

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