9 January 2019

Wedding in Lampedusa, Sicily

In 2018 I had the joy of attending a wedding in Lampedusa. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful but also the most intense experiences of the year. The brief from the couple arrived not even a month before the wedding and I accepted immediately. I booked my flight and boarded the plane at sunrise after my 5th wedding of the week and I left for Sicily. I arrived in Lampedusa from the most intense working week of the year so far. But everything was perfect sun, sea and scenery!

Genny and Mirko live in Rimini, they have been together for 15 years along with their little son Francesco. They choose Lampedusa for their wedding because they fell in love with its beauty. It was while on one holiday that they discovered this amazing place and from that moment on they visit every summer to see what else the island has to offer! 

Genny and Mirko had the help of a wedding planner by the name of Lorena. Lorena assisted in organizing their wedding in Lampedusa down to every single detail. Mirko got himself ready in a beautiful and special location, surrounded by old friends while his bride-to-be preferred to get ready for the ceremony in the apartment where they visit each year, along with the two witnesses. 


The ceremony was personal and touching. It took place in a beautiful outdoor sanctuary with little Francesco was the undisputed protagonist of the day, almost stealing the show from mom and dad. After the ceremony we moved from the sanctuary to another venue for an aperitif. 
Here was a wonderful place on the sea, that was chosen by the couple for the wonderful sunset we were about to witness. In this wonderful location we took pictures of the couple. Genny and Mirko, thinking of their wedding in Lampedusa, did not think to take some couples pictures as they felt a little uncomfortable, but I eventually managed to convince them to create a life time of memories with them and little Francesco.   

The wedding in Lampedusa for Genny and Mirko will have a special place in my heart for the experience I was able to have. It is always special to witness the joy, love, happiness and harmony that is created when two people get married, though seeing them enjoy with friends and family makes it even more special. I want to say a special thank you to them for the trust they put in me without even meeting each other in person and for letting me get to know and live a bit in Lampedusa.   

Location: Lampedusa – Cupola Bianca
WP: Lorena Lombardo
Atelier: Come in una Favola

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